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Sungreen Landscaping is not just here to help you with your landscaping needs, our team of creative designers is also very imaginative, and with decades of influence and experience under our belt—we can also help you come up with unique and clever designs for your backyard. You probably have not thought about yourself. Our team of yard garden designers has helped thousands of satisfied clients in the past, and currently working with customers to come up with exterior and backyard landscape design ideas that they never thought so themselves. Although we always value and do what the customer wants first, we can also come up with clever suggestions if you are having a hard time thinking of a unique design that will improve your yard garden landscape design. 

If you are looking to make use out of your outdoor space, and want to get a full-blown backyard but cannot think of a backyard landscape design, Sungreen is here to help. With one look at your backyard, our team can come up with tons of ideas on the spot. Plus, you can also get a preview of the final product with 2D and 3D samples available. Yes, you read that right. Because we value our customers, we can go ahead and come up with designs using our sophisticated tools and CAD software. 

Why Trust Sungreen?

For starters, Sungreen Landscaping Inc. has been in the business for over 30 years, and there is no sign of the company slowing down. Many customers trust us because of the vast selection of services we offer, the low and accurate quotations, and high-quality and detailed jobs. 

We can also assure you that we have a diverse team with all the skillsets that are relevant to creating the best outdoor living spaces for your home or your place of business. Our team consists of well-educated designers in landscape architecture that are not only up to date on the latest trends but are also naturally gifted with elegant artistic taste. 

The company is also a winner of the LANTA Landscape Designer Award, and what customers like most about the company is our dedication from start to finish. We can take care of everything from the brainstorming of the ideas and work closely with each and every one of our clients to make sure that we are on the same page before starting on the construction. 

Even after the job is done, we always make our way to call former clients to make sure to contact former clients to see how satisfied they are with the landscape design. Sungreen may be a Calgary backyard design and landscaping company, but we also serve nearby cities and towns, so that we can share our expertise with a wider reach. 

So, if you are looking for services, such as backyard landscaping, water features, fire pit additions, outdoor home decor, frond yard designs, garden design, a vegetable garden, and other outdoor landscaping for outdoor entertaining—DO NO HESITATE to give us a call at (403) 256-7500 to get a free quote and free landscaping design ideas!

How to Get Started?

If you are a little hesitant to give us a call, don’t worry. Our associates and customer service team are very polite and always happy to help. All you need to do first is to give us a call at (403) 256-7500 and tell us how we can help. 

If you are calling because you want a beautiful garden in your home, you can discuss the ideas you have in mind with our team. Alternatively, if have no idea where to start, don’t worry. Our team of creatives makes some of the best suggestions for your garden. Our team does not only think of beautiful designs for aesthetics, they also think of the appropriate designs and materials to use that are best for the type of land the size of the area. With our experience, we have worked and succeeded in doing backyard landscapes in even the most challenging backyards. 

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Exterior and Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Redesigning your backyard and turning it into a family room or an area where you can entertain guests is a great way to transform the area.  If you hardly ever hang out in your backyard before, redesigning it would turn the space into an area where you can breathe in the fresh air, read a book, use your phone, work, do some outdoor dining, and many more. 

Landscaping your backyard will not just create a new extra living space, it will also significantly increase the value of your property. Whether you are looking to sell the place in the future or not, it is good to know that you can increase the amount of investment while getting a new space to spend some time in your home.

If you are hesitant because you don’t have any idea what to do with your yard, backyard, patio, lawn, or other outdoor space—here are some creative ideas that would definitely get your attention.

Remember that there are many factors to consider if you are looking to get your backyard landscaped, such as:

  • Amount of available space
  • Irrigation
  • Regular upkeep and maintenance
  • The type of plants you want
  • And of course, your budget

10 Design ideas for landscaping your backyard

Decks, residential services

Mountains Made out of Plants

We can create mountain-shaped plant designs by carving out circular or curved paths on the green grass. From there, we can place taller plants in the middle and surround the center with shorter flowers in a circle to create a mountainous look. This design is excellent for large spaces that need a little bit of definition. 

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Backyard Wandering Paths

You can make a small backyard look a little bit larger by creating stone paths that lead wander around the area. We can use flat rocks for the pathway layout to give it a little bit of character, in addition to the patio and pergola that creates a separate space for hanging out. It is a great way to use your backyard if you want to do a little bit of meditative walking to clear your head or relieve stress.

Ornamnetal fencing, residential services

Fire Pit

You know how it can get really cold in Calgary, Alberta during the cold seasons. If you still want to spend time with friends and family outside without freezing in the blistering cold—you can create a circle fire pit in an area of your backyard and surround the space with flowers and plants that add an ambient effect.

Pergolas, residential services

Colourful Concept

You can also add a touch of colour to your backyard by adding different flowers, plants, pillars, chairs and more. This design idea will make any backyard livelier, especially if you have green grass. You can add a fire pit with different coloured chairs to surround the fire with pebbles or bricks on the ground. Playing around with different colours can make any space improve and look brighter.

Pergolas, residential services

Simple Makeover

Even if you have a small backyard or patio, doing a simple makeover can improve its look and make it look cozy. For people who are not really into doing full-blown designs, and that is not a problem, because Sungreen Landscaping is here to help with any project, even if it is a simple makeover. For simple makeovers, you can choose low-maintenance plants that do not produce a bunch of weeds, especially if you are not a plant person.

Decks, residential services

Flower Waterfalls

Creating a waterfall of flowers looks good in most gardens, whether it is small or big. Our team can create some of the best flower waterfalls in ways that look stunning, depending on your back or front yard.

Patios, residential and commercial services

Garden Swing

Nothing beats having a place to sit in your backyard garden. But what makes a seat better? Well, a swing will definitely make any garden fun for kids and adults alike. Imagine a wooden swing where you can sit and hang out with a friend or loved one on a nice warm day—Sungreen landscaping Inc. can make that a reality. 

Ornamnetal fencing, residential services

Modern Design Patio

If you prefer a more modern design for your backyard instead of the traditional garden design that most houses have, we can create a modern patio style with a deck, beach chairs, some plants, a dining area, and if it fits the budget, you can also get a bathtub. With Sungreen, it is possible to create a personal spa for you and your family in the comfort of your home. 

Pergolas, residential services

Preserving a Tree

Some backyards have this one tree that you do not want to cut down because it is memorable or fruit-bearing. Well, you don’t really need to cut it down. Instead, you can incorporate the tree into your backyard landscape design by creating a circular plant, brick, or rock structure around it to preserve it forever!

Pergolas, residential services

Garden Shed

Whether you want a full-blown garden, a vegetable garden, herb garden, or fill the space with colourful flowers, it is a good idea to build a garden shed, especially if you have abundant space to add another structure. The shed can work as a storage compartment for all of your gardening essentials, but if it is big enough, people can also use the space for other activities like doing having wine with your friends, doing pottery, making an art workshop, writing, producing music, and a lot more. Women would definitely love having a garden shed because they can turn it into a she shed. 

There are so many more ideas when landscaping your backyard, and the possibilities are endless, especially with the help of Sungreen Landscaping Inc.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Adding a backyard stage
  • Create a tropical dining space
  • Create a maze
  • English style gardens
  • Herb gardens
  • Adding a pool
  • Relaxing and minimal
  • Adding stairs and water features
  • Create a Japanese-inspired Zen garden
  • Lush lawns with thick green grass
  • Adding a cottage
  • Adding a gazebo
  • Creating pillars of flowers to use as shade
  • Creating a calming area for drinking tea
  • Modern highlands design
  • Add romantic or ambient lighting
Backyard Landscape Design

Free Consultation

During your first conversation with us, you can discuss your budget and your vision. We can quickly create a personalized package that will fit your budget range and of course, match your taste and your home. After a few days, we will send you a quotation, and if you decide to move forward,  we can provide you with an optional computer-generated 2D and 3D backyard landscape design of what the final product will look like.

At this point, there is no commitment involved. We do suggest and create ideas at no cost to customers. Why do we do it? Because we are confident that customers will love our designs, and whether the customers sign a contract or not, we are just doing our best to help—even without getting anything in return. Most of the potential customers like the designs anyway and decide to move on to the next step.

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Execution of the Landscaping Project

After agreeing to work with our company, customers can now work closely with our talented landscaping architects to make sure they are on the same page in terms of the design, materials, and budget.

Once everything is good to go and the customer agreed to the sample design. We can immediately start working on the project. We will do all of the work from start to finish, and there is no need for customers to hire their own contractors. We have contact with the best people in the business so that you can get your backyard designed as soon as possible. 

Living in Calgary or other cold places like Alberta, you probably already know that there are only a few months in a year where you can enjoy an outdoor space before it gets too cold outside. And we always make sure that we finish the job quickly for you and your family to enjoy your new outdoor living space. 

If you are interested in making your outdoor space much more livable and beautiful, be our guest as we can provide you with way more ideas when you talk to one of our associates when you call. Just call us at (403) 256-7500 to learn more about our services. 

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