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Retaining walls are carefully engineered blocks of stone, and installing them requires professional work. These stones are constantly battling gravity, and because of that and other underlying factors—people should only consider the best retaining wall construction company and retaining block wall contractors to execute this challenging job.

For people who are not sure which block retaining wall contractors to trust, there is an easy way to answer that. Sungreen Landscaping Inc. is one of the best and most trusted retaining wall construction companies in Calgary, Alberta. The company does not only serve Calgary, but they also serve nearby cities and towns—including Shepard, Chestermere, Airdrie, De Winton, Cochrane, Okotoks, Bearspaw, Springbank, Langdon, Strathmore, High River, and many more.

People looking to improve their residential or commercial landscaping with services, such as retaining wall installations that look attractive and lasts—Sungreen Landscaping Inc. should be on top of their list as the company has been serving clients for over two decades.

Not sure about installing retaining walls for your home? You are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about retaining walls, including the materials, the process, and how Sungreen Landscaping Inc. can help you create the necessary improvements to your home’s outdoor landscaping needs!

What are Retaining Walls?

For those who aren’t familiar, retaining walls are built to retain soil to prevent earth movement and erosion. Not every home is built on a flat surface, and some houses are built on hills or have hills and inclines in the backyard—that could potentially become a design point for a beautiful landscape, once built with retaining walls.

Sungreen Landscaping Inc. can build retaining walls on various degrees of specificity that is suitable for people’s landscaping and yard needs. Not all yards are the same, and it takes the skills and experience that Sungreen can provide to build a beautiful retaining wall that can last and withstand gravity and the shifting of the soil due to natural movement.

If a yard looks a little dull, especially if the homeowner has not yet done any landscape projects in the yard—Sungreen can install retaining walls that will add extra depth and dimension to make a yard look more attractive and unique.

Because of gravity and all the other underlying factors when building block retaining walls, the company ensures the construction is carefully planned and executed using only high-quality materials.

The retaining walls are built with extremely stable and durable materials, such as natural stone, concrete blocks, pressure-treated timber, or precast concrete slab. Each of these materials does an excellent job for retaining walls—as long as it is planned out and executed correctly. Improper installation can cause more harm than good, and that is why it important to choose one of the best retaining block wall contractors in the greater Alberta areas—Sungreen Landscaping Inc.

For questions and concerns about retaining walls and anything that has to do with landscaping your residential or commercial space—Call Sungreen Landscaping Inc. at (403) 256-700 to get a FREE QUOTATION NOW!

Types of Retaining Walls

Choosing the correct type of retaining wall for a home is a challenging decision that requires knowledge about the area, but for people who are not sure—Sungreen can help you decide based on their budget, preference, and home style.

With different materials to choose from, it is good to be in the know. Here are some of the best materials for building retaining walls, together with their advantages and disadvantages:

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Natural stone retaining walls is a popular choice among homeowners for its timeless beauty, character, and functionality. The natural look of these stones is hard to replicate using concrete and other artificial stones. It is an excellent option for gardens, giving it different elevations to enhance the bland look—with castle-like features that can truly add value to any home.

Aside from how stunning natural stone retaining walls look, one of its most significant advantages is its retaining qualities. It is one of the best materials for retaining soil, and it is excellent for adding depth to a plain yard or garden.

Correct installation of natural stone blocks can result in lifetime use, saving homeowners money on maintenance and repair costs. The only downside is the price upfront—but it will be more than worth it in the long run.

Pressure Treated Timber

Pressure-treated timber is another stylish choice, and because they are treated—they can last and withstand the cold weather in Calgary. They may not be as durable as natural stone retaining walls. Still, they provide a different style element that will fit most homes with wooden elements incorporated with the exterior design.

One of its biggest advantages is that they are very affordable compared to other options. However, they do not last as long as precast concrete slabs and natural stone materials. Still, the maximum lifespan can last up to 30 years when installed properly.

Precast Concrete Slab

Precast concrete slabs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are manmade options, but they are meant to look like natural stones. They are also very versatile when it comes to design, and they are lighter than natural stones. The prices are more affordable compared to other options, but they are not as durable. Still, they are an excellent choice when installed properly. If you choose this material for building your retaining walls—make sure you choose only the best block retaining wall contractors to do the deed to ensure longevity.

Large precast concrete slabs are excellent for long straights because they come in long sizes that make it easier to build concrete fences. However, they aren’t as versatile as small precast concrete slabs.

Are Retaining Walls a Good Choice?

There are many benefits to installing retaining walls, making it an excellent choice for yards, especially if you want to retain the natural structure of the soil while giving it a better look. One of the advantages of building retaining walls is that it controls downhill erosion if you live in mountain areas.

If you live in mountain areas, retaining walls can clog the soil to minimize erosion by decreasing the slope. It can be twice as helpful if you live in areas where fault lines are located. Additionally, it can help strengthen foundations in your home by decreasing movement in the soil.

One of its other benefits is the design element. It can enhance the look of your yard, and it allows more useable space in your yard. Elevating and building retaining walls can also provide extra seating options for your family and your visitors.

Retaining walls are not just for reinforcing your home’s foundations—but one of its best benefits is that it can improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

Retaining Walls Construction Process

The construction process of building retaining walls is done by professionals with an architectural background. Homeowners can participate in design decisions, but the pros at Sungreen will take care of the planning and execution. We include traditional techniques that worked for hundreds of years and merge them with innovative construction processes and designs—creating the best combination of traditional and modern styles that will last.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Block Retaining Wall Contractors

Retaining walls is not a simple job. It is put there for a reason, and people will need experienced professionals in the industry—such as Sungreen Landscaping Inc. The company has a growing list of satisfied customers, and as time passes—Sungreen is only getting better at what they do best!

Sungreen earned its reputation not just because it has been around the longest, but also because of their team of skilled professionals that know precisely what they are doing. There isn’t a landscaping job that Sungreen can’t do. Even if it’s challenging, the company will manage to find a way to make it work for the best.

Why Choose Sungreen Landscaping Inc?

Sungreen does not only do the job well, but the company also follows up with their clients to see if they are delighted with the job. Aside from installing retaining walls, Sungreen also offers services, such as repairs, maintenance, design, and many more!

For more information about Sungreen Landscaping Inc. and our services, give us a call at (403) 256-7500.

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