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There aren’t many things that conjure up pictures of great summer nights like that of friends and family drinking beers and eating barbecue on a deck as the sun takes its time setting. A deck acts as the focal point for a backyard, a place for gatherings and good times that add resale value to your property. It is for these reasons that DIYers often choose a deck as their go to project, but there is one more, a deck project looks easy. However, would be Calgary deck builders need to consider materials and time when confronting their project, these are not small hurdles and Sungreen Landscaping with our free designs and customizable quotes are happy to help


Let’s start with materials. What do you plan to build your deck with? That question is not meant to be flippant, its something important to consider. Most people might answer this question with a type wood. But what kind of wood? Pine? Rosewood? Oak? What are the benefits of different woods when used as a building material for an outdoor construction projection? Many deck builders in Calgary will choose their material based on looks. Sungreen Landscaping however recommends cedar as an ideal material. Cedar takes on little water, unlike many other woods, which makes it extremely resistant to rot, warping, and cracking. Some of the more construction minded among you might be saying, ‘hold on, cedar is softwood, won’t it easily get scratched up?’ Well the answer to that is yes, and our website is very upfront about this. The moving of furniture, along with wild and domestic animals can scuff up cedar wood. A cedar deck will require a fair amount of maintenance, so what are the alternatives?

If cedar doesn’t get you excited for whatever reason, you can always go with pressure treated wood. Pressure treating wood is a chemical process that can help shield any wood from aging or pests. This allows for more woods to be used in the construction of your deck. Calgary deck builders must contend with more than just aging and pests however. Calgary decks also have to contend with the elements, and unfortunately a chemical treatment does shield woods like oak and pine from water absorption, and the accompanying warping and cracking that come with it.

So what can Calgary deck builders offer for someone that is low maintenance, and resistant to weather and pests?

You might have already guessed it, composite, a synthetic wood alternative. You might even have gone as far to think; ‘I want my deck to look nice, not like a playground.’ Synthetic materials do not necessarily mean cheap looking plastics. Composite materials can be selected based on the colour palette of your yard and may be a more adaptable fit, additionally composite materials are very durable and weather resistant, qualities that make composite materials very low maintenance, qualities you may want to consider if you’re a professional with limited time.

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As you probably now appreciate, deck builders in Calgary have a lot to consider. The choice of materials is an important part to consider but so is time. Where are you going to get the materials, planning the layout of your deck, and actually building it, all of this takes a lot of time. Time, like money, is valuable, but only of the two can be gained. One of Sungreen Landscaping’s biggest values to you when it comes to a deck project is time. Our skilled designers can help you make the material decisions, then design a deck that suits your needs, and set it up for you in a fraction of the time that a DIY project would take so that you, your family, and friends can get to enjoying your deck instead of stressing it.

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