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How to Take Care of Your Landscaping in Extreme Weather Conditions

Calgary, Alberta is known for its unpredictable weather. While some may assume that the summer months are milder or at least consistent, this is almost never the case. As a Calgarian, you need to be prepared for extreme heat and cold, in addition to extreme rain, hail, smoke, wind and other weather conditions. At Sungreen Landscaping, we want you to enjoy and easily maintain your landscaping; our team has crafted a list of tips to help you protect your plants and landscaping during extreme weather conditions.

1. Protect Against Extreme Heat

• Mulch: various mulch materials plant savers in the extreme heat. Mulch can help keep the roots of your plants cool and will retain water, reducing evaporation.
• A big drink in the morning: just as water in the morning benefits human health, it also benefits plant health. Watering early in the morning before the aggressive heat of the day will allow your plants enough time to hydrate before the heat and will prevent heat stress, keeping your plants strong and healthy.
• Organize your garden accordingly: bigger, well-established plants can offer fabulous shade to young plants that are struggling to thrive. When planting consider how you can partially shade young plants to provide scorching from the direct sunlight. If your garden is wide open and lacks shade, plants your seeds slightly deeper. The temperature of the roots will be dramatically cooler even a couple of inches deeper in the soil.

2. Protect Against Extreme Cold (unexpected frost & snow)

• Cover your plants before nightfall: tuck your plants into bed by creating small shelters with materials such as wood, fabric and/or plastic that prevent the heat from escaping. Uncover the plants in the morning once the frost or snow has thawed and allowed them to seek out the sunshine they require.
• Water your plants the night before: water will offer insulation to the plants and lessen their chance of being damaged by an unexpected frost.
• Mulch: mulching can help lock in moisture and heat for your plants. Mulch is a fantastic option for hearty plants that just need a little root protection.

3. Protect Against Extreme Wind

• Stake and secure plants: young plants and delicate plants can be protected from the wind by securing them to sturdy objects that will protect them as the wind blows.
• Understand how the wind moves through the garden: get creative with how you arrange the plants in your garden and be aware of the placement of your accessories. Plants and accessories can cause the wind to tunnel through certain areas of your garden.
• Protect delicate plants with hearty plants: “walls” of hearty plants can offer natural protection to young and/or delicate plants.

4. Protect Against Extreme Rain

• More mulch: mulch once again can offer your plants fantastic protection from cold, wind and heavy rain.
• Cover: you can cover your plants with overturned pots and buckets that are relative to the size of your plants. Ensure that they are weighed down with rocks or other heavy objects and then wait for the rain to pass.

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