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What Is Landscape Design?

Landscape Design in Calgary

Landscaping design, is a lot more than simply arranging a garden and laying stone. There are all kinds of considerations to take when you decide to start a new project. This post will talk about three landscaping features; pergolas, retaining walls and sod laying; all projects that look simple, but have dimensions to them you may not know about or may wish to consider before your project begins.


Pergolas are the perfect example of a feature that can add value and charm to a yard. On their face, they are simply four vertical posts supporting a cross-beamed roof, a nice place to set a table for barbecues or summer drinks. Those of you out there who are more DIY minded might even be tempted to think, ‘Hey, four posts and some crossbeams? I can do that with my buddy on a weekend!’ Maybe, but doing any kind of landscape design in Calgary often means having to take more than just aesthetics into consideration.

Some of you may have made it this far into the post thinking I’ve been misspelling pagoda for the last two hundred words or so, but pergola is actually an umbrella word that describes open-air coverings; arbours, gazebos and carports. Each of these structures, when designed properly, can be very pleasing to the eye, but professional landscape designers in Calgary have to contend with more than just a look to make a project come together.

Owners of yards opening onto wide open prairie have to think about summer winds as much as winter snow, after all, a fast way to ruin an outdoor gathering is a stiff wind knocking over multiple drinking glasses. To prevent this from happening do you need a full gazebo? Can an arbour with its organic barriers and classical look be just as good an option for your yard as a raised wooden structure? Would it work best as a freestanding structure or attached to your home?

All of these questions are answered by our experienced landscape designers in Calgary, who know how to work with our weather and your yard.

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Retaining Walls

There is a staple of landscape design in Calgary that many DIYers often overestimate in simplicity, the retaining wall. As the name suggests, retaining walls retain earth to protect it from erosion, a constant problem for our landscape designers, especially for properties on hillsides, which we have plenty of in Calgary.

Picture a retaining wall, your mind will take you to a simple cinderblock barrier that is often thrown up in quick response to erosion dangers in parks. These are function over form structures, and it shows, but they don’t need to be. Like arbours, retaining walls can be built using naturalistic materials so that they add more appeal to your property.

A skilled designer like those of us at Sungreen Landscaping, can create a retaining wall that is arranged into terraces, which can make your property appear larger and give you more functional gardening space.

Sod Laying ‘Allergies?’

That brings us to sod laying. Technically, the term sod means grass and the soil beneath it held together by the roots of the plant. But today that term includes; real grass, artificial turf, and artificial grass. With modern landscaping designs though, the latter two options, long thought to be cheap and ugly substitutions for the genuine article, have become something to seriously consider for your property.

Do you or a member of your family suffer from allergies? Synthetic grass can be a way to help alleviate some of those symptoms. Not to mention the gift of time it provides by being resistant to Alberta’s seasonal shifts and being washable via hose. Through a skilled landscape design, it is even possible to organize your yard into an organic or artificial grass section, and a section of artificial turf for casual summer games of horseshoes, bocce, or putting.

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Like all Landscape designers in Calgary, especially those with decades of experience like us at Sungreen Landscaping, bring strong skills in architectural design, composition, and material knowledge, that can take even simple-looking projects and transform them into something exceptional. Whether its structures like pergolas, retaining walls, or greenery such as sod or shrubbery, skilled designers can map your property, taking into account important considerations such as topography and drainage, and help bring your vision for your yard to life.

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