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Why Choose Sungreen Landscaping?

Given the open spaces of many properties in Calgary and its surrounding environs, there are no shortage of landscape companies and landscape contractors in Calgary. This begs the important question; why choose Sungreen Landscaping over any of the other landscape companies? At this point, most competitors would start listing material benefits as to why you should choose them over their competition, here is reason A, B, C, and D, and aren’t you impressed? Well no, you’re not. If you were, you would be on the phone right now getting your project organized instead of reading this. The truth is materials and tools are universal, almost all landscape companies have them. This being the case, Sungreen Lanscaping has two intangibles that set us apart from our peers and competitors; transparency and dedication to a project.

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Transparency is thrown around a lot these days, a virtue turned buzzword used by individuals, government agencies, and yes, even companies, to signal their honesty and trustworthiness to the world. Like all virtues real transparency is not something shown but a way of being, and the only way a person or agency can be transparent is through confidence in what it is they do. To this end, Sungreen Landscaping is one of the few landscaping contractors in Calgary to offer a free project assessment. Any project whether it be laying sod, constructing a deck, or outdoor kitchen means taking into account the incline and other topographical features of the land, on top of material costs, and construction time. We at Sungreen believe in our work, and see no reason why our opinion should cost you anything, nor do we see a reason not to be upfront about what we’re going to do and how much our work will put you back.

Unfortunately, not many things in life are set and forget, especially those things that are outdoors. Landscapers in Calgary are happy to take your money to set up your  corporate project, what happens after that though is left to you or your business. Most would agree this is fair, after all, the bulk of business is transactional. Landscaping however is unique in that a project’s completion is in many respects half the work. We at Sungreen are dedicated to our projects, and as such are prepared to offer maintenance of that project for our commercial customers to stand above other landscapers in Calgary. We understand that business is not just a series of over and done transactions, but a relationship that is maintained overtime. Snow removal, coupled with winter and summer upkeep of your business’s property, is part of how literally maintain that relationship.

In a competitive market, landscaping contractors in Calgary can only rely so much on tools, training, and expertise. You have to be a trustworthy partner in business. We at Sungreen embody this through our commitment to transparency through our free assessment and promise that our quotes reflect the work needed for your project. We also commit whole heartedly to your project but helping you keep it up beyond its completion. If its free to talk, and you know we’ll stick around if you ask, what have you got to lose? We look forward to hearing from you.

Few possess that experience and commitment like we do here at Sungreen Landscaping.

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