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Commercial Landscaping Maintenance and Snow Removal in Calgary and the Surrounding Area

Our commercial landscape construction division at Sungreen Landscaping handles various facets of commercial landscape analysis, landscaping maintenance, design and construction. We can provide commercial patios, retaining walls, fences, trees, shrubbery, plants, loam, sod, irrigation, water features and lighting. We understand that commercial investment is intended to be long term, durable, and aesthetically pleasing landscaping, and we will provide exactly that. We promise integrity, reliability and warranty for all of our commercial projects, with open communication and prompt response in regards to phone call and email communication.

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Did you know?

Cobblestone was the original natural material used as a form of pavement, concrete and stone hardscape design. Cobblestone streets date as far back as the 3rd and 4th centuries.

For your project we will begin with a detailed analysis of your property, evaluating any and all of the measures that must be taken in order to abide by city bylaws and standards, obtaining any necessary permits we may need for the job. During construction we will keep our project sites clean and do our absolute best to work around or out of the way of your most active business hours. During this time, your business is our business. 

At Sungreen, we are proud to say that our hardscape and soft-scape landscape contractors are some of the best in the city.

For commercial landscape installation projects, such as: patios, fencing, retaining walls, decking, planting and other specialized products (ie. Water features, irrigation, sod, and pergolas), we provide an engineered design, stamped drawings and inspections throughout our working period. We are organized and diligent throughout our design process and want to make sure that all of our project designs abide to commercial standards before we begin construction. Our company takes these precautions during our design and discussion period with you, to assure fast and timely construction following our project start date. Upon commencement, we will work long and efficient hours to get your project done in the shortest time frame possible, weather permitting. Throughout the entire project, we at Sungreen Landscaping Inc act as a general contractor and take responsibility of the whole scope of the project (including permits). We communicate clearly through our management team to make the process transparent and work to maintain our relationship with you throughout the working period. Our services are 100% guaranteed, licensed, bonded and insured, going above and beyond industry standards. When you sign with us, you will feel safe, confident, and very excited about your new commercial landscape project.

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For soft scape landscaping such as sodding, planting, and tree and shrubbery installation, we can provide professional advice and recommendations on plants and sod that are suitable for your project; we can assist you with advice on how to maintain plants for highly trafficked areas and how to preserve your landscaping long term. For our hardscape projects, such as patios, retaining walls, and fences, we can assure you that our construction will withstand the test of time with proper engineering, grading and thoroughly inspected construction during and following completion of the project.

Sungreen has been working together with property owners for over 28 years in the city of Calgary and in surrounding areas; we depend on and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Sungreen services Calgary and surrounding areas, including, but not limited to, Shepard, Chestermere, Airdrie, De-Winton, Cochrane, Okotoks, Bearspaw, Springbank and Langdon. Rural or Suburban, an infill or an acreage, we do it all!

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Commercial landscaping services

Our Commercial Landscaping Services Include

Patios and Walkways  | Retaining Walls | Fences and Wood structures

Trees, Shrubs and Plants  | Summer Maintenance | Winter Maintenance

Decks, residential services


At Sungreen Landscaping we can have your deck installed within days so you can spend more time using your deck for what it is intended for, lounging and relaxing.

Patios, residential and commercial services


 Our construction engineers are very talented and skilled in various fields of patio work, including, but not limited to: paver and brick patios, concrete patios, and natural stone patios.

Ornamnetal fencing, residential services


Whether you prefer traditional wood, classic metal or ornamental fencing, or something more modern such as vinyl fencing, we’ve got it all. Sungreen landscaping is your one stop shop for fence installation.

Bay leaves, Tree Shrubs and Plants Image

Trees, Shrubs and Plants

Plants, trees and shrubs come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, lifespans and price ranges, therefore we have created this page to help you begin to navigate what plants might suit your project best. At Sungreen our team of experts is equipped with the best education and knowledgeability to assist you in picking out plants for your outdoor living project; together we have countless years of experience of landscaping in Calgary and Alberta’s harsh weather climates and formal education and certificates in plant education.

Summer Maintenance Services

Sungreen Landscaping specializes in various realms of commercial lawn, garden, tree, shrubbery, and irrigation maintenance and care. With over 30 years of experience in lawn maintenance and manicuring, Sungreen can offer you fast, efficient, and professional landscaping upkeep for an economic, competitive rate. We are lucky to be equipped with top of the line, specialized equipment, which allow us to get the job done quickly at an impeccable standard, leaving our customers very satisfied with their outdoor aesthetic.

Winter Maintenance Services

At Sungreen Landscaping we provide various types of commercial snow removal services, as well as several deluxe economically priced snow removal packages and annual or month to month contracts. Our company is equipped with a wide variety of professional grade equipment and machinery including but not limited to plow trucks, bobcats, front end loaders, sanding trucks, liquid calcium chloride and de-icing machinery and hauling machinery. Our extensive team of employees are available for services 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and can often be out to service your business or condo within the hour of a major snowfall. We can service on a project to project bases or offer you an extremely fair rate for a month to month or annual contract which will guarantee removal as well as other package amenities (such as sanding and calcium treatments) after every snowfall and according to necessary to weather based maintenance.

Large Retaining Walls

Large retaining walls are suitable for landscape projects on lake lots, acreages and homes with a backyard or front yard slopes over 4ft. In order to construct a large retaining wall, you must receive a permit from the City of Calgary, which we can assist and manage for you through our services. Once we have received the permit we work one on one with an engineer to make sure the wall is perfectly constructed. Large retaining walls can be made up of a variety of different sturdy material including, but not limited, natural stone, module concrete, or poured concrete. Similarly, to our small wall and planters, our large retaining walls can be curved or straight and either constant in height or taper according to your personal preference. We can also offer an almost unlimited array of stones sporting various textures, colors and sizes for your retaining wall. Check out our patio page for more information about our stones and stone distributors.

Small Retaining Walls/Planters

Our small retaining walls/ planters are typically constructed with either natural stone or module concrete and stand no higher than 3ft tall. This kind of design can offer an aesthetically pleasing and natural looking appearance to your outdoor living space, with a very solid support for the load it must retain. Our smaller walls are typically utilized to expand the dimensions of your outdoor living space and create the perfect environment for planters and gardens. The walls can be curved or straight and either constant in height or taper according to your personal preference. We can also offer an almost unlimited array of stones sporting various textures, colors and sizes.

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Did you know?

Sungreen landscaping was started over 28 years ago, with a passion for landscaping, etc. Sungreen Landscaping Inc. provides beautiful landscape designs that include patios and walkways, retaining walls and planters, wood structures and landscape features, and plants. Please feel free to browse through to see some examples of the beautiful work we’ve done that have left our customers happy and satisfied. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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