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Commercial retaining walls

Retaining walls are intended to “retain” earth solids from erosion, they are inspired by nature and then designed and engineered to suit your commercial needs. Sungreen Landscaping’s retaining walls can be constructed to numerous degrees of specificity, whether you are in the need of a City of Calgary approved 3.5m (or higher) wall or you are merely looking for a smaller visually appealing wall to help landscape irregular topography on your land, we can offer you the idea design and construction at an financially conscious and competitive price.

Retaining walls will help you add extra complexity and dimension to your property, making it appear bigger and yielding more serviceable space for you to enjoy. The walls are constructed with very stable materials such as: natural stone, module concrete and concrete, and these materials can endure almost any weather or other natural occurrences, while holding and preserving their incredible strength.  Retaining walls generate the perfect environment for plants, trees and shrubs due to the proper drainage the structure supports and can not only expand your commerical space but also increase the overall value of your land when constructed correctly. In order for your wall to uphold its integrity over time, it is integral that the retaining wall is constructed by a contractor and made up of the appropriate materials, due to the very specific restraints and extraordinary loads that the wall must withstand. If a retaining wall is built incorrectly it can be a very costly fix. We have been constructing retaining walls for over 20 years at Sungreen, we use first rate, exceptional quality material and employ some of the most practiced and knowledgeable construction engineers in the city. We support our guarantee to offer you top grade service and construction at a sensible price, we are also equipped to cater to any and all of your commercial landscape needs.

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At Sungreen Landscaping we have been constructing retaining walls for over 20 years, we use top grade, high quality material and employ some of the most experienced construction engineers in the city. We stand by our guarantee to offer you top grade service and construction at a reasonable price and are prepared to cater to any and all of your landscape needs.

Small Retaining Walls/Planters

Our minor retaining walls/ planters are normally constructed with either natural stone or module concrete and stand no higher than 3m tall. This kind of design can offer an aesthetically and natural looking appearance to your outdoor space, with a very sturdy support for the load it must retain. Our smaller walls are typically developed to increase the dimensions of your outdoor space and create the ideal environment for planters and gardens. The walls designs are quite adaptable and can be rounded or square and either constant in height or taper according to your personal preference. We can also offer an nearly limitless assortment of stones with various textures, colors and sizes.

Large Retaining Walls

Large retaining walls are appropriate for outdoor projects with land slopes over 4ft or for properties needing more protection or privacy from neighbouring businesses. In order to build a large retaining wall, you must receive a permit from the City of Calgary, which we can help and manage for you through our services. Once we have obtained the permit, we work one on one with an engineer to ensure the wall is flawlessly constructed. Large retaining walls can be made up of various different sturdy material including, but not limited, natural stone, module concrete, or poured concrete. Similarly, to our small wall and planters, our large retaining walls can be curved or straight and either constant in height or taper according to your personal preference. We can also propose an almost infinite array of stones sporting various textures, colors and sizes for your retaining wall. Check out our patio page for more information about our stones and stone distributors.

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