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Sungreen Landscaping is Calgary's one-stop shop for commercial and residential landscaping. The company's mission is to work closely with clients and generate ideas for outdoor and garden designing. The company also offers tons of services for yard work, backyard work, and many other outdoor projects. The team of expert landscape designers and architects plan the work and construction to make every space in the client's home or workplace usable. 

Whether the client is looking for green designs for their garden, beautiful landscapes, and other ideas and designs that clients and the team can create while working closely to achieve the plan. Some contractors take years to plan landscape designs. But with Sungreen Landscaping's advanced technology, the team can quickly plan gardens, water oasis, and other outdoor experiences and aesthetics that would definitely make the customers happy. 

Many clients and returning customers recommend the company for being an inspiration for creating unique landscape designs. Plus, the crew will always start as soon as both the company and client agree on the best design for their residential or commercial area. 

Did you know?

Sungreen Landscaping Inc. is the most reliable and the best landscape design company in Calgary. Since 1990, the company has been providing homeowners and commercial business owners with the best garden landscape designs and outdoor living space renovations. And it is all thanks to the help of Sungreen Landscaping Inc. and their very talented team of landscape designers and architects.

Why Should I Choose Sungreen Landscaping Inc.?

The company cares about clients. With our extensive experience working with different projects, planning different landscape designs in the most challenging locations, and providing the best service in the planning and execution stage, Sungreen only strives for one thing: executing perfection. 

Although there are many other landscaping and architecture designers in Calgary, Sungreen Landscaping Inc. is different because our team works closely with our clients and treats them like family. We also have over 20 years of experience in the business, meaning we have worked with many clients and have experience in some of the most challenging situations and jobs. 

Our team of friendly and skilled contractors, designers, and professionals have finished many jobs in the past and continue to serve people with all of their landscaping needs. 

Plus, we use innovative technology in designing some of the most challenging plans and work closely with each customer to create the best ideas that work for the client. Our team doesn't start building hardscapes and landscaping without the customer's go signal, meaning that we work and plan efficiently and take the planning stages very seriously—so there is no need for revising the job.

Our innovative 2D and 3D blueprints are very realistic as well, meaning before starting the project, the clients will already experience and have a feel for what to look forward to when the job is completed!

30 years of experience

We have vast experience in designing and landscaping most locations, from inner-city yard designs to vast lands and estate properties. Small or big, we have done it all—which means you can trust us if you need any help and a professional perspective when it comes to all aspects of outdoor designs. 

No matter the layout, the geographic location, the climates, the aesthetic, and more, we can create and engineer almost anything. Our experience includes building outdoor dining areas, horticultural landscapes, ecological landscapes, vegetation-focused designs, and more. We also make sure that the aesthetics meet the client's expectations and make sure that it has full functionality for the client's needs. 

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We understand what it is to be a landscape designer

A landscape designer is someone who comes from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Our crew has a roster of various talented people with educational backgrounds matched with a love for exterior and interior design. All the experience combined with the love for the job and a significant amount of competence to create perfect designs based on the location itself is one of the company's most remarkable feats. Our team understands the different areas and factors to consider when thinking about suitable landscape designs that are practical for real-life applications. 

Still not satisfied? Individuals can check our comprehensive portfolio that features projects for the last decades of working with thousands of clients. Compared to new companies, nothing matches our experience in the field of landscaping.

Professional landscape architects

Aside from our artistic team of landscape artists, we also have professional university-graduate landscape architects on our roster. With their combined expertise in architecture and landscape design, people can rest assured that the quality of their designs is not just for show. These highly-educated professionals will also know the right materials to use to ensure longevity, safety, and durability for each project.

Our professional landscape architects are not only well-versed in creating projects for residential and business properties, but they are also qualified to design public parks, golf courses, commercial establishments, buildings, and more. 

Their expertise in the logistics of a landscape design, including drainage, irrigation, materials, building skills, efficient techniques, and other aspects, will benefit the clients years after the project is completed. 

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Decks, residential services

Our service is affordable

Because you can rest assured that our team of professionals knows what we are doing, it takes less time to plan and pick the right resources to complete the project. It allows us to give clients customized affordable quotes depending on the client's budget range. It is definitely quality without the price tag!

Patios, residential and commercial services

Free Consultation

Besides the customized, affordable quotes, we also provide free consultations. Why are we doing this? Well, we are confident that clients will like what they see most of the time—which is why we try to paint a picture of the outcome as early as possible you say yes to the price estimates. 

Our team of professionals are proficient in using the CAD software, allowing them to produce 2D and 3D designs as quickly as possible—even if they involve the most challenging outdoor spots and areas for renovation. 

Ornamnetal fencing, residential services

We are a dedicated warranty representative

All the work is guaranteed and covered by Sungreen's warranty, meaning you don't have to worry about a thing during the project from start to finish. 

Pergolas, residential services

No charge project evaluation

The prices that we usually present to the client are accurate. Our quotations are comprehensive from start to finish, meaning you won't have to pay any extra charges other than the initial quote that you will receive. We are proud that we don't let our clients spend a single cent more than what is agreed upon. 

Decks, residential services

Completion of a project from start to finish

Our company will take care of all the work from start to finish. Our customers don't need to look for yard contractors and other services to complete the job. We handle everything—from start to finish, including getting the project approved by the local building code and council. 

Patios, residential and commercial services

Dedicated customer service agents

Our customer service agents are dedicated and ready to communicate with the client throughout the project's duration and even after completing the project. We are dedicated to assist you and work with you from the planning stage, and only do what you want for the project. We may suggest things in terms of practicality, but the client's opinion and wants will matter the most. 

Ornamnetal fencing, residential services


We are not just about designing and building your property. We also care about the environment and the quality of the project. We consider the suitable soil, topography, and drainage of your property—and choose the most appropriate materials and builds to do every project last. And because of these efforts, the company is a winner of the LANTA Landscape Designer Award. It is all thanks to our company's dedication to making sure everything is perfect, and every detail is planned before starting to execute the project. 

Our Team of Architects and Designers

Our talented group of experts in the field dedicated most of their time to continuously study and enhance their knowledge and educate themselves in the field of traditional and modern landscape design. We always make sure that our team is up to date on all the newest trends and innovations when it comes to creating an efficient outdoor living space where happy customers can relax and spend their time in their garden to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Aside from our team's knowledge, they also combine their natural artistic talents to compose, create, and design commercial and residential landscape designs using the best materials. This combination of skills and creativity enables them to create a well-balanced living space that features aesthetics and build quality to ensure longevity with less maintenance. Our team includes both soft scape and hardscape elements that guarantee a relaxing outdoor experience that will maximize the extra space in your backyard, in your offices, place of business and more. 

Their expertise in landscape architecture and construction guarantees to maximize every nook and cranny and every little bit of unused space. Whether it is an outdoor deck, garden, patio, outdoor kitchen, water feature, pergola, backyard, front yard, and more—Sungreen Landscaping Inc. and our team of experienced architects and designers will definitely choose the best way to build and design the suitable outdoor landscape design. 

How does the team do it?

Many people are curious about how our team manages to work fast and think fast when it comes to designing an outdoor living space. Well, it is no secret that our team is well-educated and naturally talented when it comes to architecture and designing. Still, with these characteristics and our company's resources—it is the best combination for successful, innovative, smart, and stunning landscape designs that are suitable for the modern age and 21 century. 

Our team of landscape designers creates 2D and 3D blueprints using a specialized program. This program can generate a realistic model or representation of what the finished project will look like, allowing you to give your thoughts on the design before implementing and positioning all the hardscape elements. We will continue working with you in editing the layout until you and the design team reaches an agreement and final decision. 

The creative architecture and landscape artist team will also discuss the unlimited selection of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubbery for your soft scape elements. And once the design is complete, we will give you an exact blueprint model and representation of what the actual design will look like once the project is completed. Now, the next time you type “landscape designers and architects near me" on your search bar, always think about Sungreen Landscape Inc. Garden Landscape Design Company in Calgary first!

For more information about the company's landscape designs and services, you can contact Sungreen Landscaping Inc. by calling (403) 256-7500. The Sungreen team will always be happy to answer your call and have a chat about how the company can help you with your residential or commercial landscaping needs! Call now!

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We Offer Services to Calgary and Nearby Areas

Aside from providing our expert services in Calgary, Sungreen also offers services in these nearby areas:

  • Shepard
  • Chestermere
  • Airdrie
  • De Winton
  • Cochrane
  • Okotoks
  • Bearspaw
  • Springbank
  • Langdon
  • Strathmore
  • High River

Services We Offer

Decks, residential services


We offer commercial and residential deck installation. Having a deck a great place for you and your family and friends to hang out and sit back and relax. Instead of spending weeks working on this project yourself, you can hire professional contractors and landscape artists like us to do the work for you in as little time as possible. 

Ornamnetal fencing, residential services


Building stylish residential and commercial fences is another one of our expertise. If you want to close off your yard and set some boundaries, you can do it in a stylish way using our professional services. You won't need to lift a finger. Plus, we can provide you with a free visual preview of the project's outcome even before we start.

Patios, residential and commercial services

Landscape Design

This service is where all of the experts of our team come out to serve you. Our group of very talented and skilled architects and landscape artists will be taking their time to provide you with their expertise to redesign and turn your yard into something you didn't even imagine. There are no limits to our team's creativity and yours's combined, so if you want to give your dull backyard the makeover it deserves—makes sure you check out some of our previous projects.

Decks, residential services

Landscape Summer Maintenance

With over 30 years of experience in the field of building and creating the best landscape designs in Calgary and nearby towns and cities, you can also trust us with your summer maintenance. We can provide your commercial or residential lawn with the right trees, shrubs, and irrigation maintenance that is perfect for the summer and other following seasons. 

Patios, residential and commercial services


We can turn your outdoor into a place where you and your family and friends can chill by installing or redesigning a well-thought-of patio. With our creative designs, you will surely fall in love with your home's new lounging area. 

Ornamnetal fencing, residential services


If you are not familiar with a pergola—it is a vertical structure that is supported by four columns and beams on top. If you have a patio in your home, you can top it off with a pergola, instantly creating an additional outdoor living space for you and your family. 

Aside from these services, we can also provide our customers with different water features, sheds, gazebos, carports, arbours, retaining walls, and a lot more. All of our projects are not just for functionality, but they are also well-designed with artistic elements that can totally change your house's entire aesthetic. 

Did you know?

Adding outdoor elements and beautiful landscaping to your home will not only increase its market value by a ton, but it will also make it more pretty and livable than it already is. Plus, it can also increase curb appeal to increase the property's value and the neighbourhood surrounding it. 

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