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Paving Stones in Calgary, Alberta – Paving Patio Stones or Concrete Slab

One of the most important parts of designing a home is improving the exterior orlandscape design. It’s the part of the home that strangers, friends, and relatives see! Doing a bit of landscaping and adding paving stones is an excellent way to elevate the space. Plus, it will impress anyone who sees it.

There are three ways of incorporating paving stones in Calgary. Concrete paving is when you pave with cement. Brick paving is when you use stones made from clay. And stone paving is when you are paving using natural stones, such as flagstone and granite.

At Sungreen Landscaping in Calgary, we can do all sorts of landscaping. Plus, we can create artificial stones for paving or use natural rock formations and build from that. Our team of creatives and architects have mastered the art of installing paving stone walkways. Whether it’s round paving stones, interlocking bricks, or stamped concrete driveway paving stones… you name it, and we will do our best!

What Are Paving Stones or Patio Stones?

Paving stones are an excellent way to spice up and enhance professional landscape construction. They don’t only look good and add value to your home. But they are also very functional for patios and walkways. Some people even design their exterior walls and fences with paving stones. They are usually made from natural stones or artificial stones like concrete.

Too busy with work for DIY home enhancements? Hire a professional company like Sungreen Landscaping to take care of it.

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Different Types of Paving Stones for Calgary Driveways

There are many types of paving stones to choose from. And proper material selection is important. Some options are not appropriate for certain functions. For example, man-made stones are not the best option for paving stone driveways and walkways. At the same time, some natural stones will not work for retaining walls. These small details are important, and that’s where we can help!

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Interlocking Paving Stones

Interlocking paving stones feature a modern look and a long lifespan. When properly installed, these types of stones make an excellent choice for any outdoor area project, big or small. Some of the best qualities of interlocking paving stones are their elegance, durability, and low maintenance.

Patios, residential and commercial services
Patios, residential and commercial services

Round Paving Stones

Round paving stones are also very durable. Because they are individual, like interlocking concrete, they are also effortless to maintain and clean. Round paving stones are excellent to use on walkways in the front or backyard. They are ideal for creating pathways in the garden beds, and they look fantastic as stepping stones. Some landscaping companies create these hardscapes using artificial or natural base materials.

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Why Use Paving Stones?

The real question is: Why not use paving stones? Using residential or commercial paving stones is one of the best ways to design your outdoor living space. They create extraordinary aesthetics, and they are very durable and versatile when it comes to designing your home’s exterior.

Beauty and Aesthetic

Paving stones are very aesthetically pleasing and attractive to look at. Plus, it is an excellent and subtle way to give your home a makeover without doing too much work. It will not only impress your family and friends, but it also feels great when you do something to improve the look of your home.

Design Versatility

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the design. There are so many types, shapes, and sizes of paving stones to choose from! Unlike laying down cement, paving stones have more versatility when it comes to choosing the right design that will match the overall look of your home.

And who can do the job for you? It’s Sungreen Landscaping, of course! The company has been in the game for 30 years and counting. It’s a dream to have one landscaping company in Calgary that can do everything you need for your outdoor space. Have questions, suggestions, or just want to talk to our lovely team of individuals? Just call us at (403) 256-7500.

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Who is Sungreen Calgary Landscaping Inc?

Sungreen Landscaping Inc. is a company that provides outdoor landscaping and exterior design services for homes and commercial spaces. The company’s mission is to work with customers to create beautiful designs they are satisfied with.

Why Trust Us with Your Paving Stone Installation Process?

Not only is it free to get a consultation, but we are also very particular and take great pride in our work. When we work on a project, we go the extra mile in every stage—from the planning to the building. The design and construction of our patio installation is built to last.

Our team consists of very talented professionals who understand what it means to be a landscape designers and architects.

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Other Sungreen Landscaping Services

Aside from paving stones, Sungreen Landscaping Inc. offers many services like building outdoor decks, pergolas, hardscaping, softscaping, creating outdoor dining areas, landscaping gardens, and a lot more. Many of our services involve exterior design, and our customers are always delighted with the beauty and overall quality of our work.

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