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Tips & Tricks To Prepare Yourself & Your Home For Calgary’s Winter

1. Make sure you have a good windshield scraper & an extra bottle of antifreeze:

A windshield scraper might seem like a simple novelty, as a Calgarian, it is an important tool to have with you throughout the winter season. So, what should you consider when buying a windshield scraper?

  • The length: first consider, how big is your vehicle? And how tall? Do you need a small handheld brush or a long one that can reach across your whole vehicle? Maybe you need both, we have seen a popular rise in retractable brushes over the past few years as they are easy to store and efficient to use.
  • The orientation: do you prefer a horizontal or vertical brush orientation?
  • The design: consider the material, the grip, and even whether or not you may want a heated scraper, to get the job done faster.

2. Utilize ice melt or sand:

Remember not all ice melt solutions are safe for children and pets, there are non-toxic options that are available such as “Safe Paw” that will protect your furry friend’s paws. Below we have listed some ice melt options and what surfaces they best suit. 

For your sidewalk:

  • Calcium chloride is the best ice melt solution for concrete surfaces

For the road:

  • Calcium magnesium acetate is the best ice melt solution for asphalt surfaces

Eco-Friendly Option:

  • Sand: safe for you, your family, your pets, your property and the environment, but does entail spring clean-up

3. You NEED a good shovel:

Every Calgarian has at least one shovel sitting in their garage but guess what? You probably aren’t using the right one. Shovelling can be an overly exhausting task that almost all Canadians dread but the right shovel can make the job that much easier.

When shopping for a snow shovel, opt for a wide shovel with a wide, thin but durable blade, a blade coated with a metal strip will also increase the shovels ability to scrape and break the ice. Your ideal shovel should have either a curved handle or a sleigh handle- these types of shovels will protect your back and allow you to push the snow more efficiently, allowing you to carry bigger loads of snow at a time.

Snow Removal Commercial Drains4. Clear the snow from drains and gutters:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but year after year people have trouble with flooding, in order to ensure proper drainage when the snow begins to melt, make sure you keep all drains and gutters free of snow and ice build-up. For the businesses out there, we do offer a commercial snow removal/clearing service. This would guarantee that your business drains are cleared and prevent any flooding whilst you’re away from your building.

5. Invest in the proper snow gear

You’re Canadian and winter is cold. You need the proper snow gear. We encourage everyone to invest in that expensive parka, it will last over time and keep you warm on the coldest days.

Snow WearWe would also encourage purchasing warm, waterproof gloves, these may not be the most fashionable option but there is nothing worse than cold wet hands. A toque, every Canadian needs a toque. A scarf, a durable scarf made of wool or fleece is probably your best option for a Calgary winter, scarves keep the brisk breeze from getting in your parka and chilling you down to the bone. Then finally, Snow Boots! You have to have a pair of snow boots handy. Imagine clearing out the snow in a ditch in your loafers? Even with the Toque, warm gloves and Parka, your feet will get cold and wet fast. I would rank this number one from this list here.


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